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What You Should Know Or Do Before Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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What You Should Know Or Do Before Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Injuries are a serious matter and they can happen to anyone. Personal injuries are no laughing matter and it’s best if they never occur, but if they do, why not get reimbursed for your suffering. To know more on the issue read this special info.

Handling legal aspects of personal injury lawsuit is not an easy job, so we advise you to read this until the end in order to know what to do if something happens.
First of all, you should seek out medical attention. What you should know is that failing to call for medical attention may reduce the potential amount of damage you’re able to recover.

Secondly, file a police report. This way you will securely collect the correct information of everyone involved and other important information.
After you’ve called the police, be careful what you say on the scene of an accident. Even thought you are obligated to talk to a person involved in an accident, make sure you don’t create further conflict, disclose any unnecessary information, practice discretion.

After the injury, make sure to accurately collect and write down all the expenses and cost related to the injury. This includes all the bills from the hospital, lost wages due to inability to work and other expenses.

A very important thing after the incident is to be cautious when signing any agreements or documents. A lot of people tend to sign something they do not understand, which later backfires and makes things very complicated. If you’re unable to understand what’s going on talk to your lawyer and clear things out.

Usually, if another party is responsible for your injury, they will try to negotiate a deal. Do not settle on your own if you don’t know what to do.

Don’t wait too long on filing a lawsuit, there is a limited time window which, if it expires, makes it unable for you to file any lawsuits.

Last but not least, do some legal research and be careful what kind of lawyer you hire. There are a lot of different type of personal injury lawyers and the one you hire might not even be close to the type of injury you sustained.

Weird Cases Of Personal Injury

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Weird Cases Of Personal Injury

Personal injuries can happen to anyone and they’re usually caused due to negligence or by an accident. When it comes to injuries, no injury should be viewed as a laughing matter, but there certainly are some very interesting cases. In this article we will go over a few of these weird cases concerning personal injury, so stick around and learn something new.

  • In California, a woman police officer arrested a suspect and tried to drive him back to the station. On the way there, he started to behave violently and became uncontrollable, after which she intended to calm him down. Of course, by calming him down, she meant to take out her Taser and tase him, but instead, since the handles are similar, she drew her gun and shot him in the chest, killing him on spot. The bizarre part of this lawsuit is that the officer took no heat from the case, but instead, people argued that any officer could make the same mistake due to how similar the handles are, so the city decided to actually sue the Taser company instead.
  • Another peculiar case of personal injury arisen in Israel. A woman was watching the news in which a weather program was involved as well. The weatherman claimed that tomorrow will be a sunny day and a woman believed him. When that day came, she dressed accordingly only to get caught by the heavy rain. She then filed a lawsuit against the weatherman because his prediction was false. The cause for this lawsuit was that the woman actually sustained personal injury because she got called and ultimately caught flu. Because of this flu she endured pain, had to buy medicine and wasn’t able to work for a week. She also claimed that this entire scenario caused a lot of stress and irreparable damage to her.
    She sued them for a thousand dollars and surprisingly she won the case.

Maybe some of the things that happened to you are personal injury as well and if you actually pressed charges you might have won some money. His response can be found here. Who knows, maybe you win.

Unusual Personal Injury Law Suits

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Unusual Personal Injury Law Suits

Life is very unpredictable and a lot of things can happen. Something you never even dreamed of could happen to you when you least expect something to go wrong.

In this article we will go over a few of these unusual personal injury lawsuits, and the first one fits the above mentioned situation very well.

  • In 2007 there was this woman from Philadelphia who went through a rather unusual situation. While she was using the toilet, it exploded due to an abnormal water pressure and it through her off causing serious injuries, including lumbar spine and thoracic sprains. She sued her landlord, and trial is still ongoing even today.
  • In another case, a woman tried to attempt suicide by laying on the rails, anticipating the train to come, run her over and kill her. She carried on with her plan but the incoming train didn’t kill her upon impact, but rather did serious injuries. After surviving being hit by a train, this woman went on to sue the city and actually won 14.1 Million dollars in court due to personal injuries.

If you find these two cases bizarre, wait until you hear about this third one.

  • So apparently there was this show in the United States called Fear factor, which was aired on NBC. In 2015, a man sat down to watch the show and that’s when his troubles started. Before we go on, fear factor is a hit series which induces fear in its participants and it can have graphic content. So, when this man started watching there was this scene where humans ate rats. He was so disgusted by this sight that he ran away from the TV, got dizzy and nauseous and in this distress hit his head on a doorway. Ultimately he lost the case.

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