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Unusual Personal Injury Law Suits

Posted on Jan 26, 2016 by in Personal Injury Law, Unusual Injury Cases |

Life is very unpredictable and a lot of things can happen. Something you never even dreamed of could happen to you when you least expect something to go wrong.

In this article we will go over a few of these unusual personal injury lawsuits, and the first one fits the above mentioned situation very well.

  • In 2007 there was this woman from Philadelphia who went through a rather unusual situation. While she was using the toilet, it exploded due to an abnormal water pressure and it through her off causing serious injuries, including lumbar spine and thoracic sprains. She sued her landlord, and trial is still ongoing even today.
  • In another case, a woman tried to attempt suicide by laying on the rails, anticipating the train to come, run her over and kill her. She carried on with her plan but the incoming train didn’t kill her upon impact, but rather did serious injuries. After surviving being hit by a train, this woman went on to sue the city and actually won 14.1 Million dollars in court due to personal injuries.

If you find these two cases bizarre, wait until you hear about this third one.

  • So apparently there was this show in the United States called Fear factor, which was aired on NBC. In 2015, a man sat down to watch the show and that’s when his troubles started. Before we go on, fear factor is a hit series which induces fear in its participants and it can have graphic content. So, when this man started watching there was this scene where humans ate rats. He was so disgusted by this sight that he ran away from the TV, got dizzy and nauseous and in this distress hit his head on a doorway. Ultimately he lost the case.

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